The Rape of the Sabines (after Poussin), c. 1861-1862

Edgar Degas
The Norton Simon Foundation, Gift of Mr. Norton Simon
© The Norton Simon Foundation

Henri Rouart (1833-1912), Paris by 1907 (sale, Paris, Galerie Manzi-Joyant, 9-11 December 1912, lot 180, ill., as L'Enlèvement des Sabines, D'après Le Poussin, for Ff 55,000, to);
Rouart, by inheritance to;
Mme. Helen (Eugène) Marin, née Rouart, (d. 1929) Paris, by inheritance to her daughter;
Mme. Bricka, Montpellier, by 1937, presumably still in 1946.
[?Leonardo] Benatov, Paris.
Huntington Hartford, New York, sold 1958 to;
[E.V. Thaw & Co., New York, owned jointly with Stephen Hahn, New York, sold 3 May1978 to];
Norton Simon, gift 1983 to;
The Norton Simon Foundation.


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