Portrait of a Gentleman, late 1630s

Jan Miense Molenaer
The Norton Simon Foundation
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Sénateur Ferdinand Raphaël Bischoffsheim (1837-1909), Belgium and France, in 1886, by inheritance to his granddaughter;
Marie-Laure Henriette Bischoffsheim, Vicomtesse de Noailles (1902-1970), Paris, still in 1947.
[Galerie Victor Mandl, Paris, by February, 1950, when consigned (as “Dutch, 17th century”) to];
[Pieter de Boer, Amsterdam (as “Thomas de Keyser”); returned to];
[Galerie Victor Mandl, Paris].
[Wildenstein, Paris, in 1963].
[Galeries Les Tourettes, Basel/Dr. Otto and Anne Wertheimer (as “Molenaer”), consigned June 1972 to];
[Schaeffer Galleries, Inc., New York, stock no. 2709, sold 26 January 1973 to];
The Norton Simon Foundation.


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