Portrait of Fray Diego Deza, c. 1630

Francisco de Zurbarán
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Collegio Mayor de Santo Tomás, Seville (where it was hung in the cell of the Prior).
The Royal Alcazar, Seville (deposited 1810, Sala baja 2, no. 66, as Retrato de Fundador. Among those pictures Joseph Bonaparte had hoped to take to Paris, but was prevented from doing so).
Pérez de Acebo, Madrid; soon after 1900.
Virginia Gómez Pérez de Acebo, Madrid.
[David M. Koester, New York; sold 1/3 share 1951 to];
[M. Knoedler & Co., Inc. New York; jointly owned with Pinakos, Ltd., New York (1/3 share); stock no. A4509; sold 21 November 1957 to];
Assis Chateaubriand; sold 6 February 1958 to;
[M. Knoedler & Co., Inc., New York; jointly owned with Pinakos, Ltd., New York; stock no. A6997; sold 2 January 1970 to];
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