Marriage at Cana, 1676

Jan Steen
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Johanna Ghijs, widow of Pieter Anthony Bonenfandt, Zoerterwoude (sale 19 April 1775, lot 6).
[John Blackwood, London (sale London, Christie’s, 20–21 February 1778, lot 62)].
John Lecomte in Edouard O(utran) sale, (Paris, Hôtel Drouot, 18 January 1877, lot 27, bought in by John Lecomte).
Prince Paul Anatolii Demidoff (1839–1885), San Donato, Florence (sale San Donato, Pillet, 15 March 1880, lot 1126, sold for 10,000).
Alexis-Joseph Febvre (1810–1881), Paris (sale Paris, Hotel Drouot, 17–20 April 1882, lot 84, bought in or sold to Brame for fr. 4355);
Febvre, Beurnonville et al. (sale Paris, Hotel Drouot, 20 March 1883, lot 49).
Laurent-Richard collection, Paris (sale Paris, Galerie Georges Petit, 28–29 May 1886, lot 45, sold or bought in for ff. 7200 to Laurent’s daughter); Madame Jean Martin Charcot (née Victoire Augustine Laurent), Paris (†sale Paris, Chevallier, 6–9 July 1900, lot 12, ill.).
[Galerie Charles Sedelmeyer, Paris, from at least 1906 (sale Paris, 25–28 May 1907, lot 176, sold for 27,000 to)];
S. Oppenheimer for;
(?) Otto Gerstenberg, Berlin, still in 1929.
[D. Katz, Dieren].
[Duits, London, no. 6073, from August 1930, half share from 1935 with Goudstikker, Amsterdam (no. 2643)];
Acquired July 1940 by Goering;
Sold 31 March 1942 to [Goudstikker/Miedl, Amsterdam]; Sent 1942 by Alois Miedl to Switzerland, where recovered in 1945.
[Duits, London (?)].
[P. de Boer, Switzerland, on consignment to P. de Boer, Amsterdam, July 1956, sold August, 1956 to];
Professor A. H. Kleiweg de Zwaan, Neerlangbroek, 1956–1962;
Heirs of A. H. Kleiweg de Zwaan, on consignment to;
[P. de Boer, Amsterdam, sold 1968 to];
[Frederick Mont, Inc., New York, sold 1969 to];
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