Saint Alexander, 1525

Bernardino Luini
The Norton Simon Foundation
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Torriani Chapel, Church of San Sisinio a Mendrisio, Lake Lugano, sold 1796 to;
Guilio Sacco, Varese, Italy.
Count Giacomo Sannazzaro, by bequest to;
Ospedale Maggiore, Milan.
Count Giovanni B. Lucini Passalacqua, Milan, probably by 1861 (sale, Milan, Theatre de la Scala, 21 April 1885, lot 6, ill., as Une Sainte).
Joseph Ruston, Monk’s Manor, Lincoln, England (sale, London, Christie’s, 21 May 1898,
lot 82, as St. Catherine of Siena, to);
[Thos. Agnew & Sons, London, stock no. 8509, sold September, 1919 to];
[Kleinberger Galleries, New York (stock no. 15384), sold December 1922 to];
[Kleinberger Galleries, Paris, sold 14 January 1928 to];
[Fischer Gallery, Lucerne and Kunsthandel AG, Lucerne, stock no. 6769];
[?Reinhardt Galleries, New York, 2 share, 16 February 1928];
[on commission from Kunsthandel AG to Julius Böhler, Munich, stock no. 25-28, where pictures were restored and framed, and then returned to];
[Kunsthandel AG, Lucerne, stock no. 10196 by June, 1935].
(R. Paris sale, Galerie Fischer, Lucerne, 30 August - 4 September 1937, lot 1557, as Zwei Altartafeln [lot included St. Catherine and St. Alexander]).
(Dr. Schmid-Paganini/Frau Dr. Georg Zapf, Basel sale, Lucerne, Galerie Fischer, 26 October 1946, lot 1167a, ill., as Katharina von Alexandrien).
[Kunsthandel AG, Lucerne, stock 10196, sold July 1947 to];
[Harry G. Sperling for Kleinberger Galleries, New York, sold 12 February 1947 to];
[Duveen Bros., New York, stock no. 30014, sold 1965 to];
The Norton Simon Foundation.


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