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Madonna and Child Fra Angelicoafter 1430
Madonna and Child Cast from a model by Luca della Robbiamid 15th century
Madonna and Child After Donatello15th century
Madonna and Child Paolo Venezianoc. 1345
Madonna and Child Enthroned with Saints John Gualbertus, John the Baptist, Francis and Nicholas Bernardo Daddic. 1334
Madonna and Child in Landscape Giovanni Bellini15th century
Madonna and Child with Angels  Puccio di Simonec. 1350
Madonna and Child with Saint John the Baptist Antoniazzo Romanoc. 1460
Madonna and Child with Saints Jerome and Francis Francesco Raibolinic.1500
Madonna and Child with St. Peter and St. Catherine of Alexandria Vincenzo Catenaearly 16th century
Madonna and Child with Two Cherubim Antoniazzo Romanoc. 1475-80
Mahakala with Retinue and Lamas  c. 1470
Male Head  1st century
Manusso Theotokopoulos Domenikos Theotokopoulos1603-4
Marine Gustave Courbetc. 1865 -1866
Marriage at Cana Jan Steen1676
Marriage of Paris and Helen  c. 1500
Mars Nicolo Roccatagliataearly 17th century
Martín Mariano de Goicoechea y Calarza Francisco de Goya y Lucientes1805
Meditating Vishnu and Ten Avatars  1100-1150
Melon-Shaped Cover  late 18th century
Mercury and Argus Jacob Jordaensc. early 1640s
Midsummer Adolphe-Joseph-Thomas Monticelli1860-1870
Minerva Nicolo Roccatagliataearly 17th century
Mohra with Shiva  12th century
Morning Effect Pierre-Étienne-Théodore Rousseauc. 1850
Mouth of the Seine at Honfleur Claude Monet1865
Music Jean-Honoré Fragonardc. 1761–65
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Narasimha, the Man-Lion Avatar of Vishnu  11th century
Narrative Scroll Extolling Manavinayaka  c. 1575
New Kingdom Head  13th century B.C. (XIXth Dynasty)
Nilus, God of the River Nile Pierino da Vinci16th century
Nimbus Fragment with Celestial Beings and Bodhi Tree  c. 100
Nosegay on a Marble Plinth Rachel Ruyschc. 1695
Nude Pierre-Auguste Renoirc.1872
Nymphs by an Urn in a Niche  French Schoolc. 1780
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Old Woman Seated Anselm Feuerbach1853
Olive Trees Against a Mountainous Background Edgar Degasc. 1890-1892
Open Green Vassily Kandinsky1923
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Palanquin Hook and Ring  12th century
Palanquin Hook and Ring  12th century
Pandava Hero (?)  c. 956
Panoramic Landscape Jan Lievens1640
Parvati  c. 1000
Parvati  c. 975
Parvati  14th century
Parvati  1050-1100
Parvati  c. 1000
Pastoral Scene Nicolaes Berchem1679
Peace  Venetianearly 17th century
Peasants Outside a Farmhouse Butchering Pork Isack van Ostade1641
Pedestal with the Scene of Mara's Army  c. 1100-1150
Pedestaled Jar  c. 300 B.C.E. - 200 C.E.
Pedestaled Vessel  300-1 B.C.E.
Pierre de Wissant, Nude Auguste Rodin1884-95
Pierre de Wissant, Vetu Auguste Rodin1884-95
Pilaster with Figures, Animals and Foliage  c. 1100
Pillar Fragment with Lovers  2nd-1st century B.C.
Plaque with Vishnu with Attendant  c. 700
Poissy, the White Fence Albert Marquet1929
Portrait of a Boy  Rembrandt van Rijn1655-60
Portrait of a Cardinal Prospero Fontana16th century
Portrait of a Gentleman Jan Miense Molenaerlate 1630s
Portrait of a Lady Jacopo Bassanoafter 1570
Portrait of a Lady Sebastiano Mainardilate 15th century
Portrait of a Lady  French Schoolfirst half, 18th century
Portrait of a Lady Gerard Douc. 1635-40
Portrait of a Lady Johannes Corneliszoon Verspronck1641
Portrait of a Man  Titian16th century
Portrait of a Man Thomas de Keyserc. 1637
Portrait of a Man  2nd century A.D.
Portrait of a Man Guillaume Voiriot1753
Portrait of a Man, a Knight of the Order of St. Paul Bartolomeo Venetoc.1537
Portrait of a Venetian Nobleman Attributed to Vittore Carpaccioc.1510
Portrait of a Woman Thomas de Keyser1637
Portrait of a Young Man School of Bergamo16th century
Portrait of a Young Noblewoman Daniel Mytensc. 1629
Portrait of an Elderly Man Giovanni Battista Moronic. 1575
Portrait of Anne of Austria, Queen of France Peter Paul Rubensc. 1622-25
Portrait of Antoine Paris, Conseiller d'Etat Hyacinthe Rigaud1724
Portrait of Don Diego Gomez de Sandoval Y Rojas, Count of Saldana Juan Pantoja de la Cruzc. 1598
Portrait of Dr. Gachet Vincent van Gogh1890
Portrait of Frau Reuther Oskar Kokoschkac. 1921
Portrait of Fray Diego Deza Francisco de Zurbaránc. 1630
Portrait of Issabaye Wachill Nese Erdok1971
Portrait of Lady Arabella Stuart Marcus Gheeraertsc. 1605-1610
Portrait of Louis XIII, King of France Peter Paul Rubensc. 1622-25
Portrait of Madame de Cromot de Fougy Antoine Vestier1786
Portrait of Sebastian Munster Peter Paul Rubensc. 1597-1600
Portrait of Sir Bryan Tuke Hans Holbeinc. 1527
Portrait of the Archduchess Elisabeth of Austria Pierre Bernard1763
Portrait of the Archduchess Marie Anne of Austria Pierre Bernard1763
Portrait of the Marquis d'Havrincourt Nicolas de Largillièrec. 1713
Pot  c. 300 B.C.E. - 200 C.E.
Prajnaparamita  c. 1225
Preaching Buddha  694 (?)
Primordial Buddha Vajradhara  15th century
Primordial Buddha Vajradhara  15th century
Procession to Calvary Follower of the Master of Karlsruhe Passionc. 1490
Procession with Horse and Riders  18th century
Profile of a Lady Giovanni Ambrogio da Predislate 15th - early 16th century
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