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Artist: Ruisdael, Jacob van 1 of 1
Three Great Trees in a Mountainous Landscape with a River, c. 1665-70

Jacob van Ruisdael
Dutch, 1628/9-1682
Oil on canvas
54-3/8 x 68-1/8 in. (138.1 x 173.1 cm)
The Norton Simon Foundation
© The Norton Simon Foundation

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Born in Haarlem, Ruisdael was the son of a frame-maker and art dealer. In the 1660s, and at the height of his powers, Ruisdael was creating landscapes of unprecedented force and majesty. In this painting, nature is vividly rendered, rich in color, brilliantly illuminated and vast. The handling of the sky and light is refined and diffuse; combined with a warm palette that creates a calm mood.

For all its richly observed detail, the landscape is an image of nature in general: beautiful, bountiful, varied and expansive. In capturing the mutable elements of nature, Ruisdael has preserved them, perhaps so that we might contemplate the Creator in the creation.

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Artist: Ruisdael, Jacob van 1 of 1