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Woodland Scene with Hunters

Woodland Scene with Hunters, c.1865

Michel Bouquet
French, 1807-1890
Oil on canvas
16-1/4 x 22-1/2 in. (41.2 x 57.2 cm)
The Norton Simon Foundation
© The Norton Simon Foundation

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While Michel Bouquet’s paintings and prints may at first seem to fit neatly into the landscape traditions of the contemporary group of painters who gathered around the forest of Fontainebleau, his paintings differ significantly from them. Théodore Rousseau, Jules Dupré and Narcisse-Virgile de la Peña, for
example, focused on the timeless atmospheric effects of shifting clouds and flickering foliage. While Bouquet was equally adept at conveying the mood of the landscape, his subject matter is instead often narrative and nostalgic in nature. In this scene, for example, the costume of the hunters suggests a moment from centuries past, perhaps even a journey to distant England or Scotland, where the painter had often visited. Together with the rhetorical gestures of the central figures, and the supporting members of the party—including the animals—Bouquet seems to present an episode from the story of these traveling hunters.

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Artist: Bouquet, Michel 1 of 1