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The Norton Simon Foundation's art collection comprises some of the world’s best-known and revered works of art. Amassed over a 30-year period by the industrialist Norton Simon (1907–1993), this remarkable collection houses Western-European art ranging from the early Renaissance to the 20th century, as well as South and Southeast Asian sculpture, paintings and textiles spanning more than a 2,000 year period. Since 1975 the collection has been on long-term loan to the Norton Simon Museum in Pasadena, California.

The Foundation owns nearly 1,500 works that encompass a diverse range of eras, regions, genres and mediums that reflect the wide range of tastes and artistic passions of Norton Simon. This website and its searchable features currently present a portion of the Foundation’s holdings, and is continually being augmented and updated. It is the long-term goal of the Norton Simon Foundation to make available the entire collection, with basic information on each work, its provenance and, when possible, a digital reproduction. Complementing this online resource, more comprehensive, technical and scholarly narrative on these objects can be found in the various catalogues published on the collections.

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